We take very serious responsibility for security and privacy matters, any issue triggered in our advanced monitor system is dealt with utmost urgency by a special team. Our team will always do their best to deliver the latest and most applicable security solution, as we always strive to achieve a higher level of 'silent' & effective protection. You can rest assured your private info and our communication will remain confidential, it's strongly encrypted and securely stored in a remote, state of the art data-center. We believe our members shouldn't be bothered with security issues at all, leaving our security department specialist team to solve any issues efficiently behind scenes. We will stay on duty to protect your funds & privacy by any means. Your trust is our asset, we'll secure it and never compromise it.

Data Isolation, Integrity and SSL

Your classified info is stored on a high-end redundant server, using special RAID configuration to guarantee data integrity. Our back-end database is located on separate server at an undisclosed location, with encrypted isolation & constant backup for instant recovery, in case it compromised. SSL is always enforced to secure financial transactions & data entry.

DDoS Protection & 24/7 Monitoring

We utilize top DDoS mitigation services at once, to enhance server protection against distributed denial of service attacks, and increase our availability. We have also developed a unique filtering system using our custom software & high-end hardware firewall to enforce clean traffic passage. Dedicatedly managed & constantly monitored for back-doors by highly experienced sys-admins. Ultimately our goal is to provide fast site access, with hassle free & user's friendly environment.

Service Confidentiality

One of the most important advantage of using our platform is the fact your private information and earnings stays 100% confidential at all times. This fact ensures your peace of mind to focus on your finances and plan your investment strategy and reach your goals safely. However, if you believe your account was somehow compromised, we ask of you to please Contact Us via our form as soon as possible. support staff is always at you service!

Transfers and Funds Security in

Time & experience have taught us self-discipline, that we have applied by setting up some ground rules. The most important one is our "Net Capital" Rule, there for our internal regulation, requiring us to always secure funds by moving it forward, yet maintain proper liquidity rate in our back-end accounts to promptly satisfy our member's withdrawal requests in a timely manner. Therefore, digital funds deposited into our platform are handled swiftly, moved out into segregated accounts daily to protect it from a possible hack. We'll always take necessary actions to stay ahead of the curve & guard our member's funds at all costs.

Customized Platform Security Protocols

Key advantage to using our platform services is the fact your account information & earnings are 100% confidential and always in your control. This fact ensures you peace of mind to focus on plans strategy and goals. However, if you believe your account was compromised, we ask of you: Please contact our support (there wasn't a case we couldn't solve yet).'s support team is always at you service!

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